Worldwide Free to Play Roleplaying Games Day is an opportunity for gamers to discover their local games store, meet up, and play some new (or established) roleplaying games. Try out new RPGs … for free.

No experience necessary. FREE RPG DAY is an opportunity to try something different.

Saturday, 24th June 2023

Free RPG Day 2023 @ Clifton Road Games, Exeter (2023-06-24)

Free RPG Day

A very brief summary of some the games from this year’s kit is now included below. Many are intended as fully self-contained pick-up and play scenarios (with enough info to run the game, even if you aren’t already familiar with the full system). There are some solo options (eg. Loup Garou / Level 1).

If you want to play, all you need to do is turn up.

If you’d like to run one of the games, you may want to contact us in advance… but you can just turn up. As mentioned, the majority of these scenarios assume that you are just going to pick up the booklet and play. Specifically, the G.I. Joe / Transformers scenario seems to assume that you have access to one of the two related Core Rulebooks, Avatar and Root look like the GM may need half-an-hour to read through the core concepts, and – at the other end of the scale – for Mazes you just read the paragraph on page one out loud and you’re up and running!

On the Day …

Sessions are loosely organised as: 11-2pm and 3-6pm. If there is sufficient interest we will also run a 7-10pm session.

Regular opening hours for the shop are 10am-6pm, and later on games evenings.

Contact Us …

You can contact the shop, use Facebook, or chat with people on the Discord.

Included in the Free RPG Day 2023 store kit …

Various quick-play and adventure scenarios are available to play/run on the day, including:

Free RPG Day 2023: 5th Edition / D&D (by Loke Battle Mats)

5th Edition / D&D
by Loke Battle Mats

A lucrative job, a simple task, a wealthy patron. What could possibly go wrong?

Free RPG Day 2023: ACHTUNG! CTHULHU (by Modiphius Entertainment)

by Modiphius Entertainment

A covert insertion in support of Operation Torch – the Allied invasion of Morocco and Algeria (1942) – assisting the local French resistance and sympathetic French forces by disrupting the Vichy loyalists and their German masters…


by EDGE Studio

A ship is missing, the guardians are silent, and the waters are stalked by amphibious monstrosities. The region is on the cusp of a catastrophe, and the Empire needs you…

Free RPG Day 2023: ANIMAL ADVENTURES (by Steamforged Games)

by Steamforged Games

Bold adventurers are needed to rescue a legendary explorer, before an entire island is swallowed by a swirling vortex of magical energy…

Free RPG Day 2023: AVATAR LEGENDS (by Magpie Games)

by Magpie Games

Safeguard the production of a new mover, as the Creeping Crystal Triad muscle in on the mover production industry…

Free RPG Day 2023: CRITICAL FOUNDATION (by Gigamic)

by Gigamic

A nuclear research center has fallen into the hands of terrorists. Specially-trained agents have been mobilized…

Free RPG Day 2023: DRAGONBANE (by Free League)

by Free League

Deep in the vast forests lies a burial mound. A feared place, haunted by a powerful knight, said to be watching over hidden treasures…

Free RPG Day 2023: DUNGEON CRAWL CLASSICS (by Goodman Games)

by Goodman Games

The Demon’s Eye is a vault which appears only once every ten years – and you are in the right place at the right time…

Free RPG Day 2023: G.I. JOE / TRANSFORMERS (by Renegade Game Studio)

by Renegade Game Studio

Cobra is up to their villainous deeds again, but this time they’ve gotten their hands on some Cybertronian technology!

Free RPG Day 2023: HECKIN' GOOD DOGGOS (by Wet Ink Games)

by Wet Ink Games

It’s the day of the State Derby! Meet other dogs at the track. Find out what happens behind the scenes. Show everyone who’s a good doggo!

Free RPG Day 2023: MAZES (by 9th Level Games)

by 9th Level Games

You have followed an ancient map to the burial chamber of a long-dead Witch Lord…

Free RPG Day 2023: PATHFINDER (by Paizo)

by Paizo

Where are these plants coming from, and what sinisiter development in the heart of the forest does their arrival signify?

Free RPG Day 2023: ROOT (by Leder Games / Magpie Games)

by Leder Games / Magpie Games

The Woodland Alliance freed the clearing, but their revolution has left the clearing in ruins. Stockpiles seized from the occupying forces and relief supplies sent by the Alliance provide enough materials to start rebuilding, but not without a plan…

Free RPG Day 2023: STARFINDER (by Paizo)

by Paizo

When a starship crashes into an abandoned seaside amusement park, a team of seasoned agents goes to investigate…

Free RPG Day 2023: SWORDS OF THE SERPENTINE (by Pelgrane Press)

by Pelgrane Press

An unconcious woman with blank skin where her face should be. Who is she? Why did someone, or something, do this to her – and what is it they’re planning?

Free RPG Day 2023: VAMPIRE: The Masquerade (by Renegade Game Studio)

VAMPIRE: The Masquerade
by Renegade Game Studio

Whispers abound of a strange, intoxicating type of blood called ‘Cherry Moon’. Everyone is clamoring for a taste, but few can say how to find it or even what it is…

Free RPG Day 2023: ZOMBICIDE CHRONICLES (by CMON / Guillotine Games)

by CMON / Guillotine Games

A group of orphans survives by their wits and thievery. They have something of yours, but they’ve fallen into the hands of a very dangerous group, and it’s up to you to mount a rescue…

Free RPG Day 2023: Level 1

LEVEL 1 – Volume 4
an indie RPG anthology

Some of the games are silly, some are serious. Some can be played solo. Some use dice. All have a unique and interesting take on roleplaying.

Free RPG Day 2023: LOUP GAROU (by Van Ryder Games)

by Van Ryder Games

A nightmarish creature attacks! You survive… you have become a werewolf, the cursed loup garou.

A choose your own adventure style book, but as a Graphic Novel.

Always on-hand RPG Starter Sets
  • Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition)
  • Call of Cthulhu (7th Edition)
  • Paranoia (Core Edition)

How to Find Us

Clifton Road Games, 16 Clifton Road, Exeter, EX1 2BR


Clifton Road Games do not provide or sell food and/or drinks on the premises, but customers are welcome to bring their own.

Newtown Stores is just up the road (on your left as you exit the shop), The Clifton Inn has an in-house bakery, as well as their regular pub menu, and is also just up the road (but on the right as you exit). Exe Coffee Roasters are across the Triangle Car Park (opposite the Pyramids Leisure Centre). You can even order takeaway for delivery, if you so wish.

We generally advise that gamers take breaks for food and drinks, rather than snacking throughout. It’s safer for the games components.

Customer toilets are provided in-store. Note that these are wheelchair accessible but not fully equiped as disabled facilities (ie. they don’t have all of the hand rails, etc).