STAR WARS: LEGION in-store play, Sundays 11am onwards.


During the initial pandemic lockdown (April 2020 onwards), I began working on some terrain for Star Wars: Legion. A combination of factors – primarily nobody using the games room and not having to pack everything away every couple of days – allowed the project to get suitably out of hand and many customers will have seen this in various states of progress:

Mos Isca – Under Construction (2020)

Lots has been added – some bits might even be considered finished – but it’s now past time to get some games going. The plan was to start in March, after the last of the pandemic related legal restrictions were lifted, but then everyone got infected and things got delayed until April 2022. Nobody said that Rebellion against a Galactic Empire was an easy thing …

Rebels ambush an imperial patrol

Docking Bay 16