Streets of New Capenna
Prerelease Weekend/Events

Friday & Saturday (22nd – 23rd April 2022)
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Magic: the Gathering – Streets of New Capenna in-store prerelease event schedule

Event Information

In-store prelease events are sealed deck, where each player builds a 40+ card deck from the cards in the Prerelease Pack (plus any basic land cards that they require). Each prerelease kit also includes a brief ‘How To’ guide for anyone not already familiar with the format. Players are then paired up for 3+ rounds of head-to-head play.

Prerelease events are designed to be fairly casual and players are free to modify their deck throughout the event (between games) but only with the cards contained in their own packs. No trading until afterwards.

Each pack costs £25. Each event lasts for 3-4 hours (deck building + 3 rounds of up to 50 minutes each).

Players receive 2 additional Streets of New Capenna Set Boosters after each event.